Extended Interview | David Bell

a little over 24 minutes

The extended interview with David Bell, author of SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW and THE FORGOTTEN GIRL and J. T. Ellison.
Here’s the original episode and behind the scenes photos.

Notes and links from the interview:

David Bell’s wife, Molly McCaffery, shares the same initials (MM) as the girlfriend character, Marissa Minor, in SOMEBODY I USED TO KNOW.

David is an English Professor at Western Kentucky University.

David’s first short story was published in the magazine Delirium (now Dark Fuse). Greg F. Gifune was the editor at the time and asked David if he ever considered expanding the story. It later became David’s first published novel.

An influence on David Bell: Richard Ford , particularly the short story collection, ROCK SPRINGS (1987)

How to make the perfect cup of tea.

A recent read: THE LAST PICTURE SHOW, part of the Duane Moore series, by Larry McMurtry.

David Bell 1_Somebody I Used to KnowIMG_6592David Bell 2_The Forgotten Girl


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